Submission Guidelines

At the time of submission, please have the following documents prepared:

1. Non-identifiable (e.g., .doc, .docx, pdf) file of paper or presentation. This document should not contain any author details.

2. Properly formatted Word (e.g., .doc, .docx) document with author details if you would like to be published in the proceeding.

Note: Full paper submissions can be published either as a full paper (copyright documents needed) or a summary brief (no copyright needed) in the Proceedings. Presentations and Special Sessions can be published in the proceedings as a summary brief only.

The proceedings must be properly formatted and will have author information. If a proceedings file is not submitted, it will NOT be included in the proceedings.


1. Full papers or presentations (e.g., working manuscripts, summary briefs, completed manuscripts) with references are accepted for review. Special sessions and panel submissions are also accepted. Hereafter, 'papers' include papers, presentations, and panels.

2. Paper submissions must not be published, accepted for publication, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

3. Papers, Presentations, dissertation competitions, teaching-related submissions etc,  should be submitted via 

Please don't submit papers directly to track chairs.

4. All Paper and Presentation submissions are blind reviewed by multiple reviewers. Authors should avoid identifying themselves in the text or title. Panel sessions are reviewed by Track Chairs and/or Program Chair.

5. All papers must be a minimum of 750 words, excluding references, figures, and tables. The maximum length of full papers is 20 single-spaced pages, including references, figures, and tables. The maximum length of presentations is 5 single-spaced pages, including references, figures,and tables. Refer to Information for Authors for details.

6. At least one author per accepted paper must register, pay for, and attend the conference.

7. Only full paper submissions will be considered for Best Paper Awards. Authors of full papers have the option to publish either the full paper or the Summary Brief in the proceedings.


Full Papers (Submissions over 5 pages)  - complete works (competitive papers)

Abstract/Summary Brief - early stage and incomplete works

Panels/Special Topics  - multi-paper, roundtables, and special panel sessions focused on a specific theme

Teaching Moments 

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition 

Distinguished Teaching Competition 

Wessex Innovations in Teaching Competition

Page Limit for Initial Submission
Requires Copyright
 Release Form for Proceedings?

Full Paper / Case / Special Issues / Symposiums


Yes, if published in Full.
No, if published in Summary.

July 1

Distinguished Teaching Competition

(Email Package Submission Directly to Dr. Neale)

 Teaching Philosophy (1 page)
Condensed CV (2 pages)
Teaching Excellence Support (5 pages)


July 1

Innovations in Teaching Competition

(Email Package Submission Directly to Dr. Rippe)



July 1




July 1
Panel Sessions 5 NoJuly 1 
 Teaching Moments 1 NoJuly 1

* All references cited must be included in a reference section.


Please find the Proceedings guidelines here

For questions regarding conference proceedings, contact Alisha Horky, SMA Proceedings Editor, at

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